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  • Finding Clarity Within the Chaos

    It’s time to find your North…


    We envision creating a movement committed to offering practical and sustainable tools for Self Compassion and Conscious Living.

    We do this through acknowledging that we are often running on ‘autopilot’, often feel ‘stuck’ and often exist on the fumes of survival. At the same time, we often remain unaware of our own internal compass, how well it is actually working already and often fail to notice our own valuable resources as a result of the cloud cover present in our thoughts, feelings and/or life experiences.

    A New Framework for Transforming Trauma

    • We provide empowering methods that (re)establish alignment with our own North, partner in uncovering a firm foundation of strength and stability and discovering a framework for living a life free from helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness.
    • In short, we offer a journey of Empowerment fueled from the Inside Out.
    • We firmly believe that if we are to change the Trajectory of our World, we must uncover and utilize the assets we have been given to do so.
    • When we gain Clarity, we optimize our effectiveness in the world around us
    • In this way, when we invest in Self, we light the way for the World to follow.

    Path to Possibility


    We partner with clients to identify and gain an intimate understanding and shift our relationship with the clouds and barriers we often face in life


    We provide education and practical methods for uncovering our own internal GPS system, experiential opportunities to use this powerful system and leverage our own internal survival skills to optimize our quality of life


    We direct our clients into what is already working (and working well) within, while utilizing effective and sustainable self-led strategies for transforming our relationship to our thoughts, our selves, our loved ones and our circumstances/environment.


    We work with internal and external chaos through utilizing our inherent survival skills and creating sustainable and user-friendly armor for previously destabilizing circumstances

    About Laurie Smith

    “An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.”
    – Viktor Frankl

    Trusted by Experience

    Quoted in the NY Post

    Laurie has an ACES* Score of 8. From rural Michigan, to Walt Disney World to the tundra of Alaska, she has journeyed through countless storms and helped others navigate them safely and in ways that point them towards insulation, buffer, protection for such painful experiences.

    She obtained her BSW from University of Michigan – Flint, where she was involved in numerous community organizations to improve quality of life for the local community members (community gardens, AIDS outreach, LGBTQIA+ populations) and activism and organizing several public bus trips to March on Washington against the Gulf ‘War’

    She obtained her MSW from University of Michigan where she was exposed to diversity, empowerment and intersectionality while working on LGBTQIA+friendly policies for the local homeless shelter and worked at a local substance use detox center.

    After graduate school, she moved to ‘bush’ Alaska and lived on the Tundra for 5 years. It is here that she was introduced to indigenous wisdom, love of the land and the incredible and timeless power of mind/body/spirit as she traveled in bush planes daily, became a part of several communities and listened.

    She has been a part of worldwide efforts to raise awareness for Kosovo (Flying For Kosovo) and it’s independence and her worldview has been shaped by the many different cultures, ethnicities, humans and cultural beliefs, values and experiences she has been privileged enough to experience.

    She became a Certified Diabetes Educator – moving into health and wellness, bringing harm reduction tools to those with chronic pain, illness, ‘problems’ and ‘conditions’

    Most recently, she gained Certifications in Anxiety, Trauma, Harm Reduction, Integrated Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, and is now involved in several National Networks of Professionals dedicated to addressing human Pain and Suffering. In 2019, she wrote LifeHacks, started a therapy practice and in 2021 she created Clouded Compass.

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