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    “Finding Clarity Within The Chaos”

    Clouded Compass is a coaching and consulting company which aims to

    • Usher in the Clarity already resting within our external and internal worlds
    • Uncover, harness and recalibrate our internal navigation system
    • Understand and transform the role of Chaos of our lives
    • Optimize our quality of life as individuals and as a collective.

    We envision creating a movement committed to offering practical and sustainable tools for practicing Consciousness and Compassion.

    We do this through acknowledging that we are often running on ‘autopilot’, often feel ‘stuck’ and often exist on the fumes of survival.  At the same time, we often remain unaware of our own internal compass, how well it is actually working already and often fail to notice our own valuable resources as a result of the cloud cover present in our thoughts, feelings and/or life experiences.

    We provide empowering methods that (re)establish alignment with our own North, partner in uncovering a firm foundation of strength and stability and discovering a framework for living a life free from helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness.

    In short, we offer a journey of Empowerment fueled from the Inside Out.

    Exclusive 4 Point Path to Progress


    We partner with clients to identify and gain an intimate understanding and shift our relationship with the clouds and barriers we often face in life


    We provide education and practical methods for uncovering our own internal GPS system, experiential opportunities to use this powerful system and leverage our own internal survival skills to optimize our quality of life


    We work with internal and external chaos through utilizing our inherent survival skills and creating sustainable and user-friendly armor for previously destabilizing circumstances


    We direct our clients into what is already working (and working well) within, while utilizing effective and sustainable self-led strategies for transforming our relationship to our thoughts, our selves, our loved ones and our circumstances/environment.



    We work through a lens of unconditional positive regard, trauma-informed services, strengths-based and empowerment based methods and utilize tools from multiple modalities and centuries old spiritual beliefs to improve the conversation between our mind and bodies to leverage our innate resilience


    Our work together aims to foster individual and collective growth, expansiveness, openness, opportunity, creativity, adventure, potential and possibility. Our results produce a broader array of options for addressing the clouds in our life, including practical, effective, strategic and sustainable outcomes for all.


    It is through healing our connection with self, through consciousness and compassion that we will then heal the relationships in our world. In a world full of disconnection, we aim to maintain conscious connection between mind and body and, in doing so, invite and welcome others to join us on this evolutionary journey.


    We commit to using our inherent survival skills to honor and protect ourselves, utilizing our innate strengths to resource viable solutions to the clouds in our lives because when we practice such strategies, we ripple our healing out into a world who has not yet been pointed towards their own internal GPS system.


    As our numbers grow, we aim to build a community/army of well-equipped, confident and compassionate soldiers that are geared up with practical, effective and strategic armor, tools and weapons for offensive and defensive action against the clouded times we live in today and offer the exponential benefit of leveraging our own internal GPS to light up our individual and collective worlds. We do this to offer solace, solidarity and hope to others whose light is still hidden safely within and who do not yet have the tools that we have learned about.


    As a collective of like-minded individuals, we commit to fueling our collective evolution one light at a time, one group at a time, one relationship at a time. Healing happens in relation and that relationship must first be healed from within.


    We are Radical.  We are Resilient.  We are Revolutionary.  And we foster Rebirth and Regenerate in all of our offerings.

    We bring into the cultural discussion a trauma-informed, strengths-based, compassionate and spiritually centered lens to invite back in our own Rebirth and Revolution.

    We believe that relying solely on the outside/external world, circumstances, etc cannot save us from drowning.  By default, it is always changing and will often disappoint, harm and/or hurt us.  This is not personal.  We believe that oppressive systems continue and work best when everybody plays their ‘part’ and sacrifices themselves – yet interruptions to those systems are possible only through the very people within and when they begin to say no more and aim for continuous quality improvement.

    Hurt people Hurt people.  Which is why we have created a movement that fosters Healing, Empowerment and Ownership of the indisputable Survival Skills that we’ve developed along our journey, for our journey and encourage experimentation and curiosity in fostering new growth and strategies in using such innate resources.

    Through a Trauma-Informed lens, we build Empowerment through the simple curation of new knowledge and awareness, hands-on experimenting with our own inherent skill sets and gaining confidence in using what has been hidden from us in plain sight.  In this way, when we heal one, the whole boat of humankind begins to rise from a level of Survival and ‘Reaction’ to a level of Thriving and ‘Rational’ functioning.

    *Reaction and Rational are used loosely here and refer to areas of the brain that are engaged in our functioning and are not intended to be used pathologically.

    Through learning, sharing and building a community that is inclusive without apology.

    To all beings that are and have been suffering.

    To all humans who have endured a trauma – a seismic rupture in their sense of safety, worldview and trajectory of life.

    We commit to walking WITH and BESIDE these everyday heroes who have navigated their way to this site, at this time, in this movement.

    We welcome the joining of unapologetic Living and Laughing Out Loud with a core foundation of Joy, Meaning, Purpose and, most importantly, emotional Safety.

    Through radical honoring of self, we invite others to do the same through our brave, courageous and authentic life journeys, collective voices and eternal wholeness.

    Self-Compassion welcomes compassion towards and from the outside world.  And we are dedicated to addressing our own Clouded Compass and Practicing Consciousness and Compassion to heal the World in us and around us.


    We believe

    •That life is both traumatic and miraculous (often at the same time);
    •In the possibility of transformative and radical compassion.
    •A life free from shame, blame and guilt
    •Living our lives with a firm foundation of Safety, Joy and Adventure.
    •The Right and Responsibility of living such life as it relates to transforming what we ‘thought’ we ‘should’ be, do, say or act.
    •We foster Resistance, Rebellion and Revolution from the Inside Out.

    We believe in:

    •Universal Laws and spiritual principles that have existed since the beginning of the recording of time
    •That life is rarely Either/Or and instead is much more Both/And
    • That life lived from the Inside Out produces effective, sustainable and exponential outcomes
    • That we individually and collectively have the basic Human Right and Responsibility to maintain our holistic safety at all times
    • That we are Enough, Perfectly Imperfect, both a Masterpiece AND A work in progress. Flawless. Fabulous. Fun. Friendly. And have finally found the tools to be FREE!

    • We demystify mental health, provide translation for human behavior and start to understand the language of our own minds and bodies.  We de-pathologize symptoms and point towards the root causes of our individual and collective social ills.  We uncover practical, effective, efficient, strategic and Sustainable solutions for our symptomatology.
    • We are a global, difference-celebrating and collective honoring movement that knows our age, race, size, gender, dis/ability, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, class, and every other human attribute are assets toward unapologetic radical self-love and living. We know that each time we heal our shame, value ourselves, and step into our power, we give someone else permission to do the same.
    • We believe that we are whole and well at our core.
    • We believe that life is lived from the Inside Out
    • We believe that our answers are within us
    • We believe that by transforming our relationship to self, we transform our relationship to the world.
    • We believe that Meaning Making is our Right and Responsibility
    • We believe the mind is often a heaven and a hell, the heart is a guide and that the gut is our connection with all that is.
    • We believe that living authentically, consciously, compassionately, unapologetically, sincerely and courageously, that the world vibration raises up a notch as we give permission to others to do the same.
    • We believe there are no ‘sins’, rather that ‘sins’ are an error in judgement.  We also commit to seeing the indisputable miracles that occur daily as a result of our shift in ‘thinking’.
    • We believe that Universal Laws as old as time can guide us and point us towards our connection with ‘truth’ and that Love and Compassion are powerful offensive tools to heal ourselves and our outer world.
    • We leave room for life to be BOTH/AND and reject rigid, harmful and either/or thinking – the world is complicated, we are complicated.  And the world is simple, as are we once we learn our own mechanics.
    • We believe the world has one common problem: human suffering (ie trauma) and that there is a common, enduring and effective solution to such suffering which is healing our relationship to ourselves and the outside world.
    • We believe in honoring our elders, ancient rituals, and the knowledge and natural laws that have existed since the beginning of time
    • We believe that we are being called to Evolve personally, politically, spiritually and collectively and that the choice is up to and within each one of us
    • We believe Safety is the firm Foundation which fosters rebirth, regrowth and regeneration
    • We believe that fundamentally, there is Fear and there is Love and that ALL conditions exist on a spectrum and welcome the abundant diversity every step of the way.
    • We do not believe healing is linear, rather a revolving process of gaining deeper insights based on clear-cutting the bullshit, riding the waves of chaos and the cloud evaporation that results from looking at and learning how to optimize our own internal GPS system in a very direct, empowering and effective way.
    • We don’t believe in endings.
    • We believe in transformation and Rebirth.